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Past Performances: 2014


A Play in Two Acts

From the film by FRANK CAPRA


Adapted for the stage by JAMES W. RODGERS

This is the heart-warming saga of George Bailey, the Everyman from the small town of Bedford Falls, whose dreams of escape and adventure have been repeatedly quashed by notions of family obligation and civic duty.  It is Christmas Eve, and George’s guardian angel, Clarence, descends to save him from despair, and to remind him (by showing him what the world would be like had he never been born) that his has been after all, a wonderful life…

This sparkling and magical play has all of your favorite characters: George and Mary, Mother Bailey, Uncle Billy, Violet, and of course, the Scrooge-like villain Mr. Potter.  IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE not only celebrates the season, it also celebrates the American philosophy of life: that hard work, fair play and the love and support of family and community will be rewarded.


In June Andromeda Community Theatre proudly presented "To Kill a Mockingbird" dramatized by Christopher Sergel from the book by Harper Lee. These performances took place in the Historic Red 1885 Courthouse courtroom located at the Courthouse Square in Charlotte, Michigan.

Scout, a young girl in a quiet southern town, is about to experience dramatic events that will affect the rest of her life. She and brother, Jem, are being raised by their widower father, Atticus, and by their strong-minded housekeeper named Calpurnia. Wide-eyed Scout is fascinated with the sensitively revealed people of her small town but, from the start, there's a rumble of thunder just under the calm surface of life here. Set in 1935, this play illustrates the social issues of this time period as the black people of the community have a special feeling about Scout's father. In her youthful innocence, she does not know why. A few of her white friends are inexplicably hostile and Scout doesn't understand this either. Unpleasant things are shouted and the bewildered girl turns to her father. Atticus, a lawyer, explains that he is defending a young negro wrongfully accused of a grave crime. Since this is causing such an upset, Scout wants to know why he is doing it. "Because if I didn't," her father replies, "I couldn't hold my head up." When she asks why Atticus would take on such a hopeless fight, he replies, "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason not to try."

Past Performances: 2017


Andromeda Community Theatre’s next show is Dracula, based on the novel by Bram Stoker and dramatized by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston. It’s taking place at The Country Mill in Charlotte and the Haunted Cider Mill has become the scene of the sanatorium where much of the action takes place.

In this story, Lucy Seward is suffering from a mysterious illness. Her father is the doctor in charge of an English sanatorium. A specialist there is Dr. Van Helsing who believes she is the victim of a vampire, a creature who sucks the blood from its victims. They eventually track the vampire to Count Dracula and put him to rest in “a striking and novel manner.”

The show is family friendly, but is intended to provide thrills and chills.

Before the show, you can enjoy a cup of cider and a fresh donut for $2. You can also take your show ticket and enjoy 10% off fall treats at the Country Mill store.

Dracula, Andromeda Community Theater, The Country Mill 4648 Otto Road, Charlotte, 7 p.m. Thursdays and Friday, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8-17. Tickets $11, $9 for students and seniors. www.andromedaplayers.org, 269-262-1943.


Andromeda Community Theatre’s current production is LOVE LETTERS, by A. R. Gurney, in cooperation with Your Charlotte Performing Arts Center and the Eaton Area Senior Center.

"Have you ever loved someone who touched every part of your life? Have you ever loved someone across time and distance? Share in the story of Melissa and Andrew as they grow together in life and love through the power of the pen. A. R. Gurney's beautifully haunting and touchingly funny play, LOVE LETTERS, tells the story of a 50-year correspondence between shy, flighty Melissa Garner and solid, ambitious Andrew Makepeace Ladd III. Told through the reading of their letters, LOVE LETTERS was a finalist for the 1988 Pulitzer Prize and has been performed world wide in countless languages.”

This production will have two Valentine’s Day performances (February 14, 2016) at 2pm and 6pm. The show will be held at the Eaton Area Senior Center. Tickets and menus for this Dinner Theatre production are available online at http://www.charlotteperformingartscenter.com/#!love-letters/c1ktk.  

Love Letters is being directed by Jeffrey P. Hayes (Charlotte Performing Arts Center) and Assistant Director Frank Boston (Andromeda Community Theatre).

Past Performances: 2015


A Classic Beginning to Christmas

Come one and all; begin the Christmas Holiday season with a musical flare! Charlotte's Andromeda Community Theatre, under the direction of Sarah Shoemaker, will present the classic tale of Scrooge and Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol. In conjunction with the Charlotte Performing Art Center there is to be a limited, single weekend, presentation of the story we all know, we all love, from Charles Dickens.  This will truly be an event to be experienced by the entire family as well as a treasured memory to be shared.

This classic tale has been remade into a Broadway musical by Alan Menken (Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Disney's The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors) and Lynn Ahrens (Ragtime, Seussical, Once on This Island). Follow the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge from the crotchety old miser into a new and compassionate man as he rediscovers the forgotten joys of life. With the help of Tiny Tim, and three spirits who show him results from the errors of his ways, you will be entertained, moved, and learn the true meaning of the holiday spirit. This will prove to be the finest way to begin the holiday season - an opening to the Christmas holiday you will be talking about for years to come!

Sarah Shoemaker has brought together over 40 very talented cast members to bring this story to life. She has drawn on her years of personal experience in directing, voice and choreography to provide a unique and most exciting program. There promises to be large dance scenes woven in with splendid musical numbers. And of course there is always the omnipresent Scrooge trying to foil or understand the entire change.  This will prove to be an entertaining night for all who can attend.

The single weekend date is Friday December 2nd and two showings on Saturday 3rd at Charlotte’s vast and inspiring Performing Arts Center at Charlotte High School.   Tickets are expected to sell quickly so plan ahead and purchase early. You do not want to find yourself a week later wishing you could have attended.   

Tickets are on sale now.  Click the “Tickets” tab above.  They will also be available at the door.  Discounted advance ticket prices are $16 for adults, $12 for students, and $14 for seniors (60+).  At the door all tickets will be $17.  Families of 4 or more can receive an additional discount of $6 on the total by entering coupon code FAMILY4DISCOUNT at checkout.  Call Andromeda Community Theatre at 269-262-1943 for questions, or email info@andromedaplayers.org.  

Past Performances: 2016

Andromeda Community Theatre is proud to present Agatha Christie’s thrilling courtroom drama "Witness For The Prosecution". In this riveting show, a wealthy woman is murdered. The suspected murderer? Her sole heir. Called to testify is his wife – not for the defense, but for the prosecution! Will she seal his fate, or will her testimony set him free?

All performances will be held in the courtroom at the historic 1885 Courthouse Museum in downtown Charlotte, at 100 W Lawrence Ave.

Performances begin May 26th and will continue through June 4th.

Click here for tickets


Andromeda Community Theatre is proud to present the hilariously entertaining "Check Please" and "Check Please Take 2" by Jonathan Rand, which will be combined into one fabulous show! "Check Please" follows a series of disastrously bad blind dates. These bad dates include your grandma's bridge partner and a kleptomaniac, just to name a couple.

Directed by Patrick Monroe, "Check Please/Check Please Take 2" will be performed as a dinner theatre at the Eaton Area Senior Center on Friday October 20th and Saturday October 21st (Sweetest Day Weekend).

With each show Andromeda Community Theatre will be giving away a beautiful heart necklace, courtesy of Carl V. Reck Jewelers in Charlotte (106 S. Cochran).  Each of these necklaces has a retail value of over $100! (http://www.carlreck.com/)

To celebrate Sweetest Day, tickets will be discounted for couples.

Individual Ticket: $30

Couples Ticket: $55

For more information, contact Andromeda Community Theatre at info@AndromedaPlayers.org or leave voicemail at 269-262-1943.


Past Performances: 2018

“There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man … a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.” ~Rod Serling

In this production directed by Michael Hays, Andromeda Community Theatre applies these iconic words from Rod Serling to a pair of scripts by Christopher Durang.  As the audience’s ordinary world fades away, the world of imagination takes over as we witness a troupe of actors propelled into a parody of not-quite “The Glass Menagerie” in Durang’s “For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls”.  These same actors somehow end up in “The Actor’s Nightmare”, where confusion abounds as a hapless stand-in attempts to cover for a missing actor.  

The audience will witness comedy and pathos; drama and perhaps even tragedy in this production.  

Tickets for this comedic event are available online at http://www.andromedaplayers.org/tickets.html, or on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AndromedaCommunityTheatre/ (click the "shop now" button), or leave us voicemail at 269-262-1943 and we'll assist you.

Date: May 4 – 6 and 11 – 13, 2018

Time: Friday and Saturday shows at 7pm, Sunday shows at 2pm

Event: "The Actor’s Twilight Zone”

Where: Windwalker Underground Galleries, 125 S Cochran, Charlotte, MI 48813

Tickets: $10 presale discount, or $12 at the door

Additional information: info@AndromedaPlayers.org or 269-262-1943